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With incloud it’s simple – just follow our 3 step process.

Your accounts can be viewed at any time and on any device, our experts provide you with advice tailored to your business needs and our team save you time by doing all the paperwork for you.

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Financial documents


Scan or photograph documents

Yes it’s as easy as that. You can either scan or take a photograph of your financial documents. HMRC accept scanned and photographed copies of financial documents.

Digital version

You can make digital versions of your financial documents on a variety of different devices.

  • Mobile Phone Camera.
  • Office Scanner

Keep Originals

Make sure that all your original copies are kept and filed in safe place.


To the web


Upload files to the cloud

We give you your own login & password so you can access your Incloud account, upload your documents to the cloud and within minutes your documents can be on our records.


Your accounts 24/7


Access accounts whenever you want to

By using incloud accounting you will have access to a flexible service which allows you to view your business accounts when you want, where you want and from any device.

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