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Security & Back-up

How we keep your data secure

In this day and age security online is everything, especially when it comes to your business’s financial data. We know this all too well that is why we provide secure, reliable and safe servers, ensuring your data is protected from any online external threats.

Security & Safety Guaranteed

The portals we provide to each of our customers all have SSL Certificates that are signed by proven SSL authorities. All servers use similar encryption codes as internet banking websites. We have taken the right precautions and invested time and money to get the safest possible service for our customers.

As expert online accountants we make security one of primary and most trusted services, we offer this to all of our clients regardless of what service package they have committed to. Safety is a must and we provide a secure service to all our clients.

Confidence To Grow

Giving our clients the confidence that their data is secure online helps us build a solid foundation to a longer lasting relationship. Our end goal for all of our clients is to see them grow, evolve and expand, which is why we are here to offer you a flexible, cost reducing and time saving online accounting option that provides safety and security for your business.

You will not have to worry about your accounts being “hacked”, you will not have to worry about personal data being “leaked” we will have your data protected guaranteeing its safety.

How We Keep You Protected

To keep all of your important business data safeguarded we have many security procedures in place that ensures your business does encounter any security issues. To access your account you will need both your Password and Username. No one will ever know this but you.

We use encrypted pages for the password and login areas of our website, ensuring that your Username and Password cannot be copied. Protected sent and received emails are used so non employees can see your information. We have many more security procedures in place to find out more please get in touch.

Data Backup

Not only do we keep your online accounting data safe and secure, we also keep a backup of your data to as a precaution to protect your data against any kind of freak disaster that may occur. Our servers are located in a number of different secure data centre locations.

With the servers in separate locations this gives you a real time backup, if one server goes down for some reason then it will automatically have been backed up by another server ensuring you data will never be lost. We also provide the latest anti-virus software to protect your vital information.

Paul – Hollygarth Social Club. Ilkley

“ Incloud Accounting put forward a system that replaced our bookkeeper and year end accountant at reduced cost. “

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